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We offer various methods of shipping for your vehicle and effects . If you are looking to import a vehicle or export from South Africa with our strong relationships with various shipping lines around the world we can offer competitive rates and methods. 

We assess your requirements and offer sound advice on the most cost effective and suitable shipping method. 


RORO shipping ( roll on roll off ) 

This being the cheapest method of shipping a vehicle.The vehicle is driven onto a specially adapted vessel and then driven off at destination, this reduces loading and  clearance charges. We currently offer this method from and too  South Africa ( Durban) and numerous destinations around the world with the UK and Americas being the most common route . This method is not suitable for all shipments as it is a vehicle only service , no personal effects can travel within the vehicle and not all ports are covered. 

roll on roll off vessel offload

Boxed container ( multiple vehicles in 40ft container)

4 vehicles will be placed in a 40ft container and shipped directly to port.This is a cost effective method of shipping as you share the costs with other vehicles in the load.We currently offer this service from the UK to DBN or Cape town and return to the UK this method is very popular with the classic car trade and returning residents due to cost saving. 

boxed shipping stack

20ft or 40ft Container

We offer full containerized services from all worldwide ports we offer the collection and packing of vehicles and other effects into 20 or 40ft containers. This shipping method is the safest in  terms of high value vehicles but more expensive due to the nature of moving and packing a container . 

containers stacked for shipping

Consolidated/Shared  Freight

We offer consolidated freight from the UK to SA and from SA to the UK . If you are looking to move small quantities of items we can assist. Your items will be packed into a shared container and shipped directly to our warehouse on either end we can arrange collection and delivery if required . 

consolidated shipping
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