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Import Documentation

Import Assessment 

This is the first stage of our service and one of the most important. At this stage we asses whether you are eligible to bring your car and personal goods back to South Africa and what charges and duties will apply. Once we have established the landed costs of shipping your car and goods we will asses if it is a viable option to ship and the method to suit budget and requirements. 


We complete and collect all  required documentation on your behalf ( Import permit, LOA certificate). We will ensure that when your vehicles arrives in South Africa that customs have all the correct paperwork to clear your vehicle and goods without delay and additional costs.

We provide all documentation in an electronic format which you sign,scan and email back to us for processing. We advise on paperwork requirements for import  and the completion of all the paperwork to avoid disappointment and delay with your application.

Classic and Collectible imports

For classic or collectible imports we first need to get permission in place prior to purchase or import of your vehicle. Part of our service is to get clarification and an import control ruling on your vehicle. Once we have this you can then proceed with the purchase of your vehicle.On purchasing the vehicle we will proceed with the balance of the paperwork required.We can then move forward with collection , shipping and customs clearing in South Africa.



Whether you wish to ship a classic or collectible or you are immigrating we can sort all paperwork requirements for export and facilitate the purchase, collection, shipping of your vehicle to any destination worldwide.The paperwork we provide is police clearance , export permit , vat refunds on purchases. We also offer advice on destination requirements and clearance at destination.    

Disabled and adapted vehicles

We can facilitate the purchase, shipping and customs clearing of adapted and disabled vehicles. These vehicles are free of any duties but vat is applicable.All paperwork must be completed prior to shipping which we will facilitate, most of these vehicles come from the UK market either new or used depending on your budget contact us for more information.


Overland border clearance

We customs clear any overland vehicle whether you are driving through Africa on a Carnet or are returning from a work contact within Africa. We can assist with import documentation and  inland customs clearance.  

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