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For returning South African residents this is the first stage of our service and one of the most important, at this stage we asses whether you are eligible to bring your car and personal goods back to South Africa and what charges and duties will apply. Once we have established the landed costs of shipping your car and goods we will asses if it is a viable option to ship or not.


We complete and collect all  required documentation on your behalf we will ensure that when your vehicles arrives in or leaves South Africa that customs have all the correct paperwork to clear/ship your goods without delay.

Documentation offered: Import permits / Export Permits , police clearance , LOA certificates , EEC COC and more. 

Shipping Worldwide

We will provide you with the most cost effective ways of shipping your vehicles and goods according to your needs. We offer a worldwide service from multiple countries our main trade is between the UK and SA however we ship from USA, Dubai , and may other locations please request a quote so we can facilitate your shipment.


Methods offered: Roll on Roll off , 20 or 40 ft container loads and shared vehicle container load. 

Customs clearing

We offer customs clearing services from all major South African ports and work closely with agents in other ports of the UK , USA , DUBAI , Australia and New Zealand and Africa. Our processes are designed to clear your vehicle and personal goods through customs without delay as all our paperwork is lodged prior to the arrival of your vehicle and goods to ensure smooth transition. 

Classic and colletable imports/exports

Imports  we get a clarification and ruling on your vehicle you wish to import and once we have this then you purchase the vehicle and we can deal with the rest until you receive a call to collect from your port of choice in South Africa or delivered to your door offshore. 

Exports we can arrange purchase, collection, documentation ,Vat rebates and shipping to destination. 

Overland Border Clearance

We can customs clear any overland vehicle.If you are driving through Africa home on a Carnet or are returning from a work contract within Africa and want to bring your vehicle with you, we can assist.

Vehicle registration

 We have created a' how too' booklet which will take you through this process step by step and make sure that some of the pain is removed from this process and ensure that you do not have to make countless wasted journeys.If you follow our guide your vehicle will be registered in the correct way.

We currently offer a vehicle registration service for  Cape town residents please request a quote. 

Disabled and adapted vehicles

We can facilitate the purchase, shipping and customs clearing of adapted and disabled vehicles. These vehicles are free of any duties but vat is applicable. All paperwork must be completed prior to shipping, which we will facilitate. Most of these vehicles come from the UK market either new or used depending on your budget, contact us for more information. 

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